Friday, November 18, 2005

Bye Bye A L I U N

Well well. The long awaited Aliun levitation is not going to be released after all. According to Brad, it might compromise the safety of the person using it. Sounds like it can't be fixed? The pipe dream went right down the toilet drain. Which would of been the case for some of the buyers money.
Right now I do not know what to say or do? Should I do a little levitation in remembrance of Aliun.
I think we should all get our levitation devices out and levitate in silence for 2 minutes. You can even do it in groups if that will ease the pain and suffering.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Grandpa doing Street Magic

This is a funny clip of Cyril in action. They have him look like an 80 year old by the use of make up and latex. Then he hits the streets for some real street magic.
Criss watch out, you got competition.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gone Mental

This is something I just started thinking about. Doing an Invisible deck routine using a regular deck.

The basic is this. Before the show, you reverse one card in the deck and that's it. When you start out ask someone to name a card. If they don't name the correct card. You could go on and say something like, "Because you chose the 9 of diamonds it tells me something about you. You are a very kind and thoughtful person. You follow directions very well. Just the kinda person I need for this next effect...Etc.
By saying that the audience is not aware that you just failed a trick.The chances are 1 out of 52 and you got nothing to loose.
Off course you could narrow it down by naming different cards. Like, you tell them to not think of the ace of spades because everyone picks that one, and picture cards are too easy. Pick a card I would not think of. By saying that you have eliminated the aces, the picture cards and the spades. Now you have narrowed it down to a cards from 2 to 10.

You could ask them to build up the card in their mind. Tell them to first think of a color. A color that radiates a lot of warmth and happiness. You are trying to influence them to pick hearts, without mentioning the word hearts.
The most common chosen number between 2 and 10 is 7. There is a big chance that they will name the 7 of hearts.
You could off course reverse all the 7 in the deck, in case the named the 7 of diamonds instead of hearts. So that way you have an out. A matter of fact you have 2 outs.
This is not something I have tried. Only something I've pondered about.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Paranormal

My Cell phone has a life of it's own. From time to time the background picture changes. The alarm clock goes off even when the cell is turned off. I better check my cell phone bills. Who knows. Maybe it has made some long distance calls. For all I know, it could be talking to other cell phones behind my back.
The cell phone makes fun of me in public by using out dated ring tones. The phone makes fun of me.
This morning when turning it on, the welcome message usually reads,"You are so cool. You are the best. Everyone loves you.Stay cool." It just said,"Fuck Off."