Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time Saving Concept

Have you ever heard of the concept of saving time? Well, it does exist. On a daily basis we hear of these citizens who have accomplished just this. You might save some time by taking a few shortcuts to work.
Then you might ask - when can you use the time you have saved? If you have saved 2 hours over the past week. Do you then have 2 hours to spare? This concept is going to sky rocket one day. I'm telling you. One day when walking down the streets you might hear from homeless person,"Can you spare some time mister?". You might as well just start saving up right now. Like many of you readers are thinking now. "Maybe he is right. I should save some time".
The really great thing about the time saving concept is when you die. You get to heaven. Or if you are a Bush fan you go to Hell.
Either way. You can just go,"Nope, not to day mine imaginary friend. I've saved time, 36 hours. Fuck you.".
That's how it went with Jesus. He died. Went to heaven. Told the ol'man off, "Yo pops. I got time to spare. Me and my homies are going to a party. You dig?".
God:"I dig".


Blogger CrazyManiac said...

I loved this... Love the concept.. And the jesus thing was hilarious...you dig??...lol

5:09 AM  
Blogger John said...

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