Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Loony HC Andresen

A Norwegian magician, Hans Christian Andersen announced in today's papers that he will attempt to stay in a huge tank of water for 1 week - Mind you the tank is not just filled with water. Sharks as well. 4 mean hungry sharks.

The sharks have not been fed. So they are hungry. The sharks do need food. Who else to feed them than the magician. Each day the magician will attempt to hand feed the sharks with chunks of meat. A lot of concern has erupted around this. Hans has for the past few years battled his way through court rooms to get permission to do the stunt.
Hans claims to be a professional hypnotist. He will hypnotize the sharks.
Quote...I have specialized myself in hypnotism. I have trained for 15 years hypnotizing animals. I discovered this ability when I was a jungster. I was able to communicate with my dog. I could command my dog to do exactly what I wanted. I will do the same with the sharks. They will not harm me because they are my friends.

More to come.


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