Friday, August 26, 2005


I was watching McGyver the other day because I have that kinda time. There is one character on the show that seems to be superhuman. This character never dies. He always manages to survive, no matter how bad the situation is. He falls down a cliff. You would think he was dead. Bam, three episodes later, he is back. Everyone's surprised. Even the camera man. "This is fucked up, I'm out of here".
The first word that come out of his mouth is "MaGyvva". Followed by some laughs "Hahah". Then some more laughter "Ha". I too, don't know what the funny is.
He then goes into explaining how he survived falling off a cliff. Which you would think no one could of survived. It always sounds so far fetched. " While falling I managed to make a parachute out of my underwear. I was goddamn lucky for not wearing my thong that day".
I think that the person who plays Murdoc is like that in real life. The producers threaten to kick him off the show. He goes bananas. They had supposable killed him. Now they got to come up with these bull shit reasons for his survival. I would be scared to too. He looks like a mean mofo. And what is Richard Dean Anderson going to do. Pull out his swiss army knife? What, it has a short blunt blade. A wine opener and a nail file.
"Step away from the producer. I got a nail file here. It can be irritating".

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I have some good news. I'm really going to see Copperfield live for the very first time. He will be performing in Denmark october 14-16. Denmark is only about a 2 hour flight away. Now I don't have to go to Vegas. Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. Vegas, where you can see performance after performance. Vegas, gambling.
Now I kinda forgot why this was good news.